Quarterly News : Q4 2013

Universal PWM Slider almost finished for production.

We do reckon, the release date has been pushed with a few months. The reason for this is that we were not happy with the ‘touch experience’. The capacitive slider is mounted behind glass, plastic or even wood. Every material and every material thickness results in different sensor sensitivity. Currently we are looking in solutions to adapt to every situation with easy ‘one time’ calibration. We are also looking into different touch profiles such as absolute touch or relative touch. Where absolute touch will return a real sensor value and relative touch would be comparable to adjusting sound for an I-pod.

New Product: Universal BLDC (BrushLess DC) Motor controller.

This controller is based on the Texas instruments Instaspin platform. The platform exist of a piccolo microcontroller and a gate driver. The current prototype is capable of driving up to 750Watt BLDC motors. Other interesting specifications:

- Sensorless (no hall sensors required)

- Automatic motor learning capabilities (platform detects all important motor values such as impedance, series resistance, etc.)

- Overall: Easy, fast and advanced motor control.

The current devolved board is mainly used for testing purposes. We are currently investigating possibilities to transform this existing design to a smaller building block. This board should easily be used with platforms such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. If you're interested in our current BLDC motor controller or the building block, please contact us via the contact page.

Sjoni's products

Universal Simple controller Universal PWM Slider Universal Logger

These products are developed in cooperation with our captured alien monkeys ! We did no harm to them ! ;)